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As medical insurance premiums rise, it is important as a corporation to take into consideration what can be done to keep premiums as low as possible; implementing a wellness program is an great place to begin.

The health of a corporation’s employees have a big impact on productivity, absenteeism, job satisfaction, and the bottom line profit. The various ways to start a these programs are endless.

There is a direct link between the health and happiness of a corporation’s workers and the corporation’s financial profitability.

An easy way to begin a wellness program is by offering biometric screenings on location once a year. Promoting healthy eating is also an option; instead of placing chips and cookies in a vending machine, offer a healthier choice at a cheaper cost. By providing healthier snacks, your employees will be more prone to eating right.

By offering some sort of health club or exercise equipment on location your employers will have an option to workout on their break rather than snacking or consuming nicotine. By implementing any or all of these suggestions as an employer you can help your employees begin making healthy decisions in their life.

A wellness program can be as intricate or as simple as desired. Once management has expressed the desire to start this program the corporation should appoint an individual or group of individuals to act as a liaison with the dedicated trainer.

This individual or group of individuals should develop a plan and set objectives alongside the trainer. It will be their responsibility in partner with the trainer to introduce living healthy to the employees by providing literature, screenings, healthy eating options, and fitness programs.

In conclusion, assess how the program has helped your staff members and company in its entirety. Best Lifestyle Nutrition and Fitness has a variety of lectures, seminars, and group sessions.

Topics Include:

  • General Nutrition (healthy eating habits, healthy shopping, reading labels, healthy cooking etc)
  • Sugar Blues
  • Coffee addictions
  • Emotional Eating
  • Carbs, the good, the bad and the ugly
  • Digestive Wellness
  • Feeding our Children
  • We can also customize a lecture on any nutritional topic of your choice

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